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A cunning plan for a new website.

It's the build up to Christmas, hooray!! A special season when I get to stay up late and learn some new tech, sometime in between the pint of sherry kicking in and the kids waking up.

I love restarting my website from scratch (again). A blank canvas. A chance to do it right this time. I won't. A chance to over-engineer the hell out of a simple website in order to practice all the new things I want to learn.

A thirst for sherry knowledge

A few things I want to explore in more depth:

Courses I’m hoping to take: the Origin Story

I’ve sketched out a road-map of how I see this website progressing:

The Source code for all this nonsense is here:

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I'm Patrick Grey, a web developer working in Lochgilphead, Argyll, Scotland.

I dabble in web development, e‑learning & motion graphics.

Email me or find me on Twitter: @PatrickGreyCoUk