Code Club @KnoxlandSchool: who let the cats out?

24 April 2014

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I'm delighted to say we have started a Code Club at Knoxland Primary School.

Code Club logo.

On Wednesday (23rd April), we had our first club meet.

It. Was. Brilliant.

Our teacher, Mrs. Lamb was on hand to keep me right and was a great help in setting up too.

The support material provided by Code Club was excellent and gave me a solid foundation to start the club.

It was, however, the kids that made it so good. They are a lively bunch :-) There was already an excited buzz about the place when they first came it but when they started to use Scratch, it really took off. And then they discovered the animated cat could make a 'meow' noise. Cue dozens of meows along with lots of laughter.

It was amazing to see that everything really settled down when they started the first project and began to concentrate. The only real issue I had was holding them back a little so they didn't skip steps. They were all in a rush to complete the game or branch off into their own game design. It was great to see.

I think we're all looking forward to the coming weeks clubs now. I may delete the meow noises from the hard drives though ;-)