Careers day at Knoxland School (includes mid-air collisions!)

23 April 2014

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I volunteered / was volunteered ;-) to attend a careers day at our primary school (@KnoxlandSchool, Dumbarton). I develop e-learning for Air Traffic Controllers (ATC) so I thought I'd try to give them a fun introduction to the basics of the ATC as well as working with computers and being self-employed.

Pupils playing ATC game at Knoxland careers day.
Pupils playing ATC game at Knoxland careers day.

I attended the event as part of my STEM Ambassador commitment for the year.

The format of the day had several groups of 10 children moving round a selection of people introducing their careers. It was brilliantly organized by the school and had volunteers from many backgrounds including RNLI, Theatre Nurse, Police, Fire and banking.

I organized a game where the children held up toy aircraft on a straw with a number attached to it. They all pointed in different directions within a set area.

I built a small radar animation that made a noise each time a full radar sweep was completed and the kids had to then take a step forward.

One child wore ATC headphones and had to call out aircraft numbers and turn them to avoid collisions.

After the fun and inevitable multiple mid-air collisions followed by laughter (not quite how it happens in ATC), we discussed my work. The intelligence of the questions was surprising. What did I know about the recently missing MH370 flight? Who pays you when you are self-employed? How could they learn to build computer games?

I loved the event but was completely tired out after it. Our teachers have my every sympathy :-)

All in all, I think the day was a great success, helping the kids realise the variety of choice there is when it comes to careers and also proving hugely rewarding for those that got a chance to answer questions. Thanks to the teachers for organising it!

Local paper, the 'Lennox Herald', featured the careers day, further promoting Knoxland as an active part of the community.

Screenshot of the skew settings in Edge Animate when creating a triangle.
Clipping from the Lennox Herald, page 10, 25th April 2014.