Case Study:

11 January 2014

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This was a Wordpress site project for a community tennis club in London.

Screenshot of the website.
Screenshot of the website viewed on a mobile device.

You can visit here.

The client wasn't sure what could be done with a website so I guided them through target audience considerations, the benefits of responsive design and maintenance using a Content Management System. I worked closely with them on the design, social media usage and provided training for the site administrator.

The club has been successfully updating the site themselves since 2012, even creating micro sites aimed at one off events.

The client was so happy with the work, I received a cracking bottle of Oban Malt :-)

“We are thrilled with the new look and style... Thank you for all your time spent on this and I'm sure our Club will prosper as a direct result due to all the new members we will attract.

Best wishes,

Jane Bonner,



I used as the Content Management System and the Responsive Theme from Cyber Chimps which I modified with custom CSS and JavaScript.

The theme will work on mobile devices, tablets and desktops.