Case Study: Introduction to Air Traffic Flow and Capacity Management (ATFCM)

11 January 2014

Reading time ~2 min | Categories: case-study  e-learning 

The objective of ATFCM is to optimise traffic flows according to air traffic control capacity while enabling airlines to operate safe and efficient flights. I was asked to review an existing ATFCM course and translate the content into a tablet friendly format.

This was the first course Eurocontrol commissioned that was developed entirely with Adobe Edge Animate, making the content accessible to devices that don't support Flash.

Screenshot of some ATFCM Intro module content.
Screenshot of some ATFCM Intro module content.

You can try this course by registering with the Eurocontrol LMS and looking in the catalogue for "ATFCM".

This was a great learning experience for me, I really got to grips with Edge, discovered its many quirks and built up many assets that will be reusable in future.

For Eurocontrol it was a great opportunity to see how new forms of content would integrate with their LCMS. It is also an opportunity to measure interest from devices that previously wouldn't be able to access the content.

It was exciting to be present at the start of a new development era for such a large organisation.